Saturday, July 2, 2011

PIG corruption at it's worst

The events of the 18th turned out more interesting than anticipated
I decided to have an early night, hit the hay at 10pm on the 17th. I was awoken by a phone call at 2pm, where a friend proceeded to inform me that a very close friend of hers had just had a run in with Metro police and was battling to get info out of her as she was so shaken up. I tweeted a warning to my followers straight after that to hopefully ensure another lady does not get sexually assaulted by the same bunch. I reported it to 2 BBM groups containing police, only one responded, and told me to call the anti corruption hotline as the reservists were all on strike due to being abused by the SAPS. After about 5 attempts, I had no joy with the “Hotline”, and proceeded to throw some clothes on and drive 40km’s to where the alleged roadblock was.
Upon arrival, I saw nothing, no cops within 2 km’s of cnr Main and Sloane in Bryanston. Drove up to Witkoppen road, saw a couple SAPS vehicles, one who followed a guy out of a parking at the corner of Main and Witkoppen, and proceed to pull him over without any blue lights. I found this particularly strange, so I took a photo within plain view of the officers, made a u turn further down the road and then got pulled over by the SAPS guys. I did this intentionally, wanted to see if they were going to give me hell, I recorded the conversation. I put the phone in my top pocket, as I approached the vehicle I read out the number plate and vehicle call sign. The cop was suddenly quite aggressive, wonder why, when I then asked him if they are allowed to pull vehicles off without a light bar on the roof, he said that because it is a marked vehicle they are. I will continue to investigate this. So I was told to step out the vehicle so the guy can search me, I complied, and the other officer said “take his cellphone and delete the picture he took of us” in Zulu.  I said “You guys have absolutely no right to touch my phone”, to which one responded, “No problem, we’ll take you to the police station for operating your phone whilst driving”, to which I concluded “No you want, it is a fineable offense and not a criminal offense, so you can give me a fine, but you will not take me to a police station”. At this point both officers became very quiet, understood I KNOW my rights and what is fineable and what is criminal, and they let me go on my way. Upon further investigation I found that it is perfectly legal for the cops to pull people over in a marked or even unmarked car, as long as they can provide identification. If however you do feel uneasy  for any reason, you have the right to drive to the nearest police station.
The above turn of events made me realise, that if we ALL knew our rights, react calmly in the presence of the chops, and do not let them try intimidate us but being respectful at the same time, corruption would be halved, people’s rights would be respected and they’d think twice before trying to solicit bribes or sex from people they pull over late at night. Well, back to the case in hand, the reason I crawled out of bed at 2am to help a friend’s friend. She was pulled over in the roadblock on corner Main and Sloane drive. Admittedly says she was a little over the limit, but the events that then took place are nothing short of criminal. They pulled her over, a short supposedly well built guy walked over to her vehicle, told her to step out the car as he could smell alcohol. She complied. He gave her a breathalyser test to blow into, and before she could properly blow, he told her the reading came up as 4.something and that she was going to be arrested. He then started asking if she has a boyfriend. She said no. asked if she’s married… again, no. Then he started saying how sexy she looks and that he can’t believe she’s not spoken for, then said “So who is going to bail you out of prison?”. By this point the girl started panicking, he ordered her to get back into her car and climbed into the passenger’s side.
He asked her to check how much money she has in her wallet, and they can maybe make a deal. Continued to say how sexy she is, and how he wants her, saying “Don’t disappoint me, and I won’t disappoint you”, and “I’m going to FK you so hard”. She found she only had R150 in her wallet and gave it to him, he replied he just has to clear it with the other guy as well and told her to follow him. She got out the car, they walked over to the other van, and the cops put her in the back of the van, where they continued to sexually taunt her and put their hands down her top. They ordered her to give them her number, so they could call her later. They also said they were going to test the number she gave them to make sure it is valid. So she HAD to give them the correct number. After all of the above, they allowed her to drive on, over the limit and completely devastated. So not only had they solicited a bribe, sexually assaulted her and abused her rights in the worst possible way, they allowed her to continue, endangering not only her life, but my life as well, and everyone else on the road! Not only did she now have one demon to contend with, alcohol, she was also hysterical and panicking. She managed to get to my friend at a convenient meeting spot, on her way, the cops again called her from an unknown number, making comments about how they won’t “Disappoint her” if she doesn’t disappoint them. I arrived at the meeting point, she was STILL crying and shaken up, 2 HOURS later, and after numerous futile attempts to call the “Hotline” we gave up and resided to call in the morning.

The morning came, and the lady in question decided, despite my requests, to rather not report the perpetrator, for fears of reprisal, and perhaps hope that this would all be forgotten. This morning, 2 July, I believe the cop called the lady again. So clearly he has intentions of acting out his disgusting threats. I was informed that she has then taken the opportunity to go to the police station to lay charges.

This begs the question, who the hell (Imagine the word I’d rather use here) can you trust if you cannot even trust the cops?!?! The JMPD should be shut down in my opinion. They are corrupt in everything they do! They trap behind walls and trees and cars for monetary reasons, they illegally send off traffic fines via standard surface mail rather than registered mail, they illegally stop you at roadblocks and force you to pay fines “on the spot”, and now this….. Either they need to get new management and the whole lot fired, or they should be shut down completely. As one JMPigD told me on the day when I almost had a smash and grab, “I cannot help you in this regard, you’d better call real cops (SAPS)” WTH?!

Take care everone, learn your rights, it's not safe out there.
All my best to you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cliff. On wednesday my friend was arrested in Benoni. She was parked outside a restaurant kissing a boy in her car. She hadnt been drinking. The male police officers told the guy she was with to go, and unfortunately he did leave her there with four male pigs. She put her phone in her pants quickly. They put her in the back of the van and drove recklesly to the police station. She frantically called one of our friends whilst in the back. All she could say was.....they are going to rape me. They got to the station, and she saw one of her close male feiends bailing out someone else and thank goodness he knew the law, he managed to wake the commanding officer up, and all my friend had to do was pay a fine, a fine for what, who knows, thank goodness her friend was there to help her out. There were no female officers present, and I know for a fact one has to be present. What is this country coming to. Who do we tun to when we are in danger or need help.

Cliff said...

Dear anonymous

Firstly, there are people, lawyers, out there who are able to help you if you/your friends get into that situation. Not the lawyers that are there on standby, they are in collusion with the corrupt force.
By paying the "fine", your friend has paid an "admission of guilt" amount. with the correct advice, your friend would've be able to counter sue the corrupt PIG for up to R75 000 for wrongful arrest.

Doron Geber said...

Cliff, I know the public wasn't too interested in attending those evenings that you put together but i believe that if you posted a blog or something stating civilian rights, I know I for one would be very grateful.

Andy said...

Agreed. I too would be interested in attending meetings on the subject if any did arise in the future. Or even as Doron suggests an online resource. We need to start sticking together as a community and protect one another.

Howard Dembovsky said...

Cliff. We need to set something up again really soon. December is way too late.

We also need to let people know that JPSA Priority Assist is going to be launched this month and that they will no longer be alone out there. In the meantime, people can subscribe to email updates from JPSA (free) by sending a blank email to

What you did when those cops gave you a hard time is "brave", but can backfire terribly and females are far less likely to be taken seriously.

Best regards,

Justice Project South Africa

Anonymous said...

Dear Cliff,
On Friday night 2 of my friends were driving down landua st in benoni. A drunk driver turned in front of them causing a bad accident.Luckily no one was injured but both cars were badly damaged. Tow trucks and medics were on the scene within ten minutes. We arrived at the accident scene and called the cops.The driver of the other vehicle was so drunk he could hardly stand. The police arrived an hour and a half later and in this time the drunk drivers family arrived causing havoc at the accident scene as they were also drunk and very aggressive,when the the police finally arrived,we insisted that the other driver get a breathalised or tests done and the police simply refused and allowed the the medics to put him on a drip and taken to the linmed,as for the drunk drivers family who were trying to cuase fights and very rude,the cops simply asked them to step aside with no reprocussions for the actions . . . What is this world coming to ?

Anonymous said...


I think you should do a few more JPSA info things, but this time only do one once you have more than - say 100 people confirmed to attend. Thus at least 40-50 will actually pitch up.

People need to know what their rights are, they need to know what's legal, and what's not - People are being harassed, abused, and traumatised by the PIGS.

The PIGS are out of control, and you in conjunction with JPSA have the determination, and power stop them!

Kind Regards,
Maxwell Cohen

Anonymous said...

An interesting story:

The cop who bribed me!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Anonymous 2011-06-15 07:16

Firstly, I must say: “Hats off to the police who still serve and protect!” Both my brother-in-law and sister worked in the force when they died on their way to work a few years back.

Well, my story is about revenge on the rotten mongrels that wears uniforms and pretends to be metro police.

I was driving to the bank on Monday afternoon to drop off contracts when I got pulled over. “Sêr, dis is a routeeen check, so I’m gonna ênspect your ca.” Now, my car has just about enough electronics to report a field-mouse fart two kilometres away but I thought I’d humour the sucker. The indicators indicated, the brake lights… Well you get the idea... Then he looked at my licence disk: “Sêr, You are aware that your licence, she expired 30 June?” I’m like no...30 June is still to come.

By now I’m convinced this little bugger is looking at me like an ATM on payday morning in my rather large imported sedan. Now he gets to my window and asks for my licence, He walks back to his car with a colleague sporting the fatty-KFC-I-cannot-use-a-napkin-face; to come back and say: “Eish! We have a problem!”

Now knowing I do not have any fines outstanding I thought, what the hell, indulge me. ”Sêr, there’s a fine that I can detain you for. She’s not on the system, but my station she’s bringing it.”

By now I wanted to start laughing at the world’s obvious single surviving brain donor, but still played it cool. So I asked what one can do in such a situation.

“Eish, you know da force she does not pay too good. We’re hungry and the kids.” Oh, Yadda-yadda… So, I asked how much? R1000!

You can guess my next words of thought. But, in the mischievous mood I was in, I said OK, but I do not have the cash and my bank card is at work. “Dats fine, I’ll come with you and you can bring me back.”

I took the scenic route from Fourways, on the Highway the beautiful views of Northcliff passed the cemetery and once in Melville I started to imply that I work for a newspaper and we’re on our way to their offices in Auckland Park. (And no, I do not have any affiliation to a news agency.)

But this was enough to get constable “Arse-Wipe” extremely uncomfortable. “No, sêr, I made da mistake… Please drop me at the robot.” I keep on driving and asked: “What about the petrol money I wasted driving here?

Soon, he pulled out a R100 and asked for change. I said I did not have any, remember we’re still on the way to get to my money? He complained not having taxi fare as I dropped him off at Campus Square.

So, if by any chance you saw a metro cop trying to hitch a ride north: “I owned that bitch!”

Did I report it to the cops? No, what will the use be. I think his lesson is learnt! said...

Hi Cliff,
I need to talk to you urgently. I am doing research on the police who work the Bryanston Main Rds. I am working with a team to investigate the cops who raped the sisters in Paulshof in December. Can you contact me. Andre

Anonymous said...

LOL, so funny this.