Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One year of @PigSpotter

If you had told me a year ago, I’d be where I am today, know who I know and have the following I have, I would never have believed you. So this blog is dedicated to all the followers, all the regulars who supply the updates, comedy relief and inspirational/motivational messages.
In the midst of my “discovery” in September, My lawyer, now friend, Mr Karl Schuler stood by my side, reassuring me that there was nothing that the cops could charge me with. There were 2 incidents which made the whole experience earth shattering in the early days.
The first experience was straight after puppet Wayne Minaar said on TV they would criminally charge me with Defamation of character and defeating the ends of justice. I was standing in the office with my father, when suddenly we heard cop sirens down the road, loud and clear, drawing  closer. Before the sirens go to our office they were switched off. I relaxed slightly. Suddenly the intercom outside rang. Heart failure. Was some dude trying to sell a broom. Never in my life had I ever expected to be so relieved to hear someone at the gate trying to sell a broom.
The second experience came when Karl gave me a call and told me to sleep at a hotel because the police could know my exact address and would try to arrest me. So I took my girlfriend at the time and our beautiful baby girl to a hotel in Edenvale. As serious as the situation actually was, it felt seriously rockstar! J  Consequently since those days, we submitted representation, and a YEAR later the docket has been travelling back and forth between Sophia Town Police Station and the DPA. Apparently STILL looking for SOMETHING to charge me with. So if it is taking “top” investigators so long to find something criminal in my actions, how could I have any idea that what I’m doing is supposedly wrong? Maybe just the fact I’m affecting their usual monthly extra income from bribery and corruption is upsetting them. Or perhaps the uncovering of their actions in victimising the general public after hours could have something to do with it. Or just maybe, they don’t like being called an internationally used term for their line of work.
Last night was the @PigSpotter 1 year birthday, celebrated with @DJFreshSA and @_CHIXwithSTIX_  www.chixwithstix.co.za , who were sponsored by @XL_Security. Other sponsors who came to the party were Cleo, RedKen, Nu Metro, to name a few.
So it started off pretty well, Doors open at 9pm, club was packed by 10pm, queue was still out the door,  as friends started arriving, I was running around trying to keep everyone happy. Finally time came when the gorgeous Chix with Stix girls had to go up and play on stage, something I had been anticipating for 5 days, because I was going to be lucky enough to play a song with them. Took me an hour and a half to learn a 2 minute song! Lol! Overall, up there on stage, it is a little nerve-wracking, but luckily I didn’t mess it up. Had the time of my life! J Next up, came the legendary DJ Fresh, with the sexiest twin dancers organised by Lisa Woollacott of Lisa Jane productions. By 2am the club was still packed. Truly an awesome experience, something I would never have imagined a year ago.
Thank you to all those who came through, to all those who sponsored and all those who organised the event. I appreciate the support and will strive to continue doing my best to make a change.

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Sana.I.Patel said...

only reading this now. happy belated 1 year birthday @pigspotter!!!! <3 here's to many more. :):)